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Coating method and steps of steel structure anticorrosive paint
Steel structural profiles are widely used in factories, gymnasiums, and various construction fields. Due to different use environments, the corrosive factors are different, and the anti-corrosion protection methods used are different, in order to better meet the anti-corrosion. Demand, in addition to a detailed analysis of the corrosion factors that will be faced, it is also necessary to select a suitable anti-corrosive paint according to the corrosive medium.

Commonly used anticorrosion methods for steel structure anti-corrosion are: hot dip galvanizing, thermal spray aluminum (zinc) composite coating, anti-corrosion coating method, cathodic protection method, etc. . For steel structure anti-corrosion, the commonly used anti-corrosion method is to apply anti-corrosion coating. The anti-corrosion coating method is mainly used for indoor steel structure or outdoor steel structure which is relatively easy to maintain. Due to different spraying equipment, the coating effect obtained is also Different, the recommended construction methods are brush coating, airless spraying, air painting, three painting techniques, different coating methods have different advantages and disadvantages.

Steel structure anti-corrosion construction steps:

1, steel structure surface cleaning and rust removal bottom Paint coating top coat coating inspection acceptance.
2, steel structure paint coating should be carried out after the steel structure installation and acceptance.
3. Before applying the anti-corrosive paint, clean the rust, welding spatter, oil, dust and other debris from the parts to be painted. The quality of surface cleaning and rust removal is directly related to the quality of the coating.
4, in order to ensure the quality of the coating, according to different needs, sand rust removal, pickling and rust removal, artificial rust removal and other rust removal processes can be selected. Derusting thoroughly ensures that the coating works well.
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