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Introduction of plastic plating process
The purpose of plastic plating is to coat the surface of plastic with metal, which not only increases the appearance, but also compensates for the shortcomings of plastics, imparts the properties of metal, and fully utilizes the characteristics of plastics and metals. Today, a large number of plastic plating products have been applied. In the electronics, automotive, household goods and other industries.
(1)cleaning: remove the dirt and fingerprints left in the plastic molding process, wash it with alkaline agent and then wash it with acid leaching and water. .
(2) solvent treatment: The surface of the plastic can be wetting to interact with the conditioner of the next step.
(3) Conditioning: The surface of the plastic is roughened into an interlocking cavity so that the plating layer is tightly adhered and not easily peeled off, which is also called chemical roughening.
(4) Sensitization: The adsorption agent is adsorbed on the surface, commonly used or other tin compounds, that is, the Sn ions are adsorbed on the surface of the plastic to have a reducing surface. [1] 
Compared with metal parts, plastic plating products can not only achieve a good metal texture, but also reduce the weight of the product, and improve the appearance and decoration of the plastic while improving Its performance in electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance has improved its surface mechanical strength. However, the choice of plastic materials for electroplating must take into account factors such as the processing properties of the materials, the ease of plating, and dimensional accuracy. Because of its structural advantages, ABS plastic not only has excellent comprehensive performance, is easy to process and form, and the surface of the material is easily eroded to obtain high plating adhesion, so it is currently widely used in electroplating.
With the rapid development of industry and the increasing application of plastic plating, it has become one of the important means of surface decoration in plastic products. At present, it has been widely used in ABS, polypropylene, polysulfone and polycarbonate. Plating on nylon, phenolic glass fiber reinforced plastic, polystyrene and other plastic surfaces, especially ABS plastic plating is the most widely used, the best plating effect.
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